We’re proud of our heritage, and authentic natural products.

We use 100% natural exotic fruits combined with ancestral Andean herbs for fruit infusions, all dehydrated to keep their healing and soothing medicinal properties intact. These fruits alone carry many nutrients and vitamins necessary for daily intake, making it a healthy, sugar free hot alternative beverage

This traditional drink was served by our ancestors in rituals to relax and harmonise with the environment, today they give us their aroma, flavour and natural texture to accompany you at any time.

Our tropical fruit undergoes a careful process of dehydration, we do this in order for our consumers to enjoy the same taste, aroma and nutrients as eating the natural fruit. We are orientated with a great social purpose, which is to create jobs for mothers whose children have cancer.




The beginnings

This innovative venture born as a pilot project, trying, from a year ago, handicraft production perfectly combine with social support. Time that has evolved, has been expanded and has been achieved I technify, until leaving the local market since December 2013


An idea with a future

It is an original idea that aims to support women and families oncological direct participation in production, packaging and marketing of all our lines, while offering them a good job option that respects your time and allows to generate income for their families.


Those who lead

While it is a private project, are involved: rural farmers, local producers, Cecilia Rivadeneira Foundation with its model of human development and several groups of oncological mothers, a combination of social support and private enterprise aimed at giving life choices these segments.


Sales channels

In principle to achieve reach more places have established several own distribution channels through achieving presence and strategic alliances with: chain restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals and supermarkets. Leaving open the possibility of placing our products in other spaces that can support this cause.


We are innovative

Because it is a new way to enjoy the fruit without losing its nutritional and dietary values. Entering with our presentations in new market niches very little exploited, (offices, cafes and homes ) and even having presence in school lunches, fighting space with harmful and traditional snacks. Privileging the consumption of healthy and narturales products at any time and place.


Market Type

The segment of freshly dried fruit is gaining importance and making its real place in the market. Being a natural product, free of preservatives, chemicals and artificial elements, is ideal for those who exercise, you want to stay healthy, try to reduce naturally or want to enjoy a different way, all the benefits of traditional fruit.